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Shining Light On Kano Public Defenders Office

Behind the bolted doors of Kurmawa central prison in Kano State, Nigeria, an old wooden board hangs high on the wall of the warden’s office, keeping count of the inmates inside the prison. Written in white chalk, the board shows that over 1,000 men are held in this jail – a building that is intended to house no more than 750 –most of whom are not convicts at all. These men await trial.

Among those waiting was a young man, about 5.4ft tall, by the name Abdulrazak Suleiman. Abdulrazak (21) remained in pretrial detention for eight years, after military officials arrested him in 2010 for alleged rape and abetment on a Thursday when he was about to ablute for his evening prayers.

Nigeria NGO which way forward: Self-regulation or Government Regulation?


Within the period of 2014 to 2016, the Nigerian National Assembly has made two attempts at creating some regulatory frameworks for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country. In 2013, a “Bill to Regulate the Acceptance and Utilization of Financial/Material Contributions of Donor Agencies to Voluntary Organizations” (hereinafter 2013 draft NGO Bill) sponsored by Hon. Eddie Ifeanyichukwu Mbadiwe was drafted and circulated to NGOs and relevant stakeholders. The bill had passed through first reading and public hearings. At one of the public hearings, members of the NGO/CSO sector criticized the law because of its likelihood to stifle constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association which every person including legal persons are free to enjoy.